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The thoughts of Mwenzake

Inner and Outer

13 November 1979
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Well I'm 28. I graduated college with a bachelors in Theatre and a minor in Social Work. I am employed by Sherwin Williams Paints and am a on call sub now for (meaning I work there at my leisure) Broad Horizens day care. I am single and strait. Wouldn't mind dating but that's not why I created this journal. I love theatre above anything else and want to get into voice over for cartoons or musical theatre if I can. I'm on the heavier side but trying to lose that weight. I enjoy meeting new people and always up to try to chat if I'm available. I'm also a helper I'm one of those who thinks and tries to be there for others before myself, but I also have to have some me time too. Well that's about it about me. If you’re reading this hope ya liked it and nice meeting you :-)